Our story begins with people

Anyone can sell hardware and software. We are different. Our competitive advantage is our people, our culture.

Our people design and implement solutions to help you transform your organisation. That is why our clients choose INNOVATE as their strategic IT partner and why INNOVATE is recognised as the leading Cloud Service and IT Solutions Provider in Ireland.

Our mission

We want to make a difference to every organisation and their people by providing technology that balances today’s demands with the capability needed for tomorrow’s business success.

Our philosophy

Since our foundation, our clients and our people have been our two most important stakeholders. Our culture which has been built on our core values of respect, excellence and leadership is our competitive advantage. We believe our philosophy will make a significant difference to our customers, our people, our community and our industry.

Our expertise

We select our people on character as well as talent and our culture is built upon the mantra of “Better people make a better INNOVATE - INNOVATE makes our people better”. Our people provide the expertise to recommend, design and implement the solutions that will unlock the value of IT to enable your organisation to succeed.