INNOVATE – the IT solutions people

Providing Managed IT services and Professional Services across

We provide our Clients with a secure, resilient IT infrastructure that increases productivity and facilitates a scalable business. INNOVATE is a cloud services company - cloud first but not always cloud as we provide the solutions that are best suited to your organisations’ needs.


We are leading our Clients Digital Transformation and how they can transform its core business processes using digital technology to

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Focus on achieving greater workforce productivity
  • Improve business processes
  • Create great customer experiences. 

These are the measurable business outcomes from implementing Digital Transformation for your organisation. INNOVATE is working with some of Ireland’s biggest companies to help organisations scale efficiently through digital transformation.

INNOVATE is a trusted strategic partner of both Cisco and Microsoft, and our experienced team are uniquely placed to take care of all of your IT and communications needs from desk to data centre.


“Innovate are a critical part of our business. We can do without certain other services, but we can’t do without our IT services and our contract with Innovate is paramount to our business,”

Brendan Roche, Campus Oil