Meet the Team



Jim Hughes

Chief Executive Officer


Jim in his role of CEO and co-founder of INNOVATE brings an unrelenting belief in the value that IT brings to the management and growth of organisations. He has a deep-rooted confidence in the people in INNOVATE, combined with a lifetime commitment to excellence in customer service. An energetic entrepreneur, Jim has driven the growth of the business for the past fifteen years and he continues to pursue an expansionary path, based on our unique culture and core values of ‘respect’, ‘excellence’, and ‘leadership’.


Annette Soraine

Chief Commercial Officer

Annette is Chief Commercial Officer with responsibility for the development and execution of INNOVATE’s commercial strategy. She has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry in Ireland, Netherlands, and the UK with global brands such as Microsoft, Cisco, Vodafone, and Oracle.  Annette puts the customer at the heart of everything INNOVATE does and ensures that the entire organisation has an unrelenting focus on successful outcomes for our customers. Annette is a Board member of Fastrack to IT. FIT works in close collaboration with government bodies to promote an inclusive Smart Economy by creating a fast track to marketable technical skills.

Enda Cahill

Chief Technology Officer


Enda, as co-founder and CTO of INNOVATE has established, and continues to drive, the technological vision for INNOVATE. He has a unique ability to distil complex business issues and design optimum technology solutions in a pragmatic way for INNOVATE customers. His exceptional technological expertise has been recognised internationally. Enda ensures that the technical team share his approach to the transformative powers of IT, and are equipped to solve complex business problems with the right technology solutions.

Barry Murphy

Chief Operations Officer


Barry is Chief Operations Officer and leads the operations delivery within INNOVATE. A practical approach, and a ‘get things done’ attitude enable Barry to address the daily challenges of the service business. Barry is responsible for planning and implementing service delivery across the business and has built an excellent technical services team to ensure this delivery to our customers is first-class. He is always striving for incremental improvements across our business and drives this through continual measurement, process improvements, and constant engagement with our customers to ensure that INNOVATE continues to meet their changing needs.


Bridget Byrne

Financial Contoller

Bridget is Financial Controller at INNOVATE with responsibility for our finance and procurement activities. Bridget joined the INNOVATE team over 6 years ago and during that time has been an integral part of our Finance Team. Bridget is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Bridget is a logical thinker who leads by example through her commitment, diligence, and focus. Bridget has an innate ability to step back from the numbers, assuming a leadership role to assist departmental heads understand their KPIs and align their priorities to those of the organisation.