Meet the Team

David Laird

Non-Executive Chairman


David Laird is a perfect fit for INNOVATE's Non-Executive Chairmanship. David's MBA backs an incisive ability to meet business objectives while driving organisational expansion. His wide-ranging technical expertise as an expert sector leader bolsters INNOVATE's strategy. David is keen to balance the progression of business objectives while monitoring INNOVATE's risk management. His business network steers INNOVATE towards fresh opportunities across Ireland.

Jim Hughes

Chief Executive Officer


As CEO of INNOVATE, Jim carves out growth based on the organisation's intrinsic values of leadership and respect. Before co-founding INNOVATE in 2005, Jim studied Commerce at University College Dublin and worked as a consultant. People fascinate Jim. He thrives in assessing individual ability and maximising team potential. INNOVATE increases its market-share with a continual commitment to positive culture, corporate social responsibility and forward-thinking technological solutions.

Annette Soraine

Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer, Annette Soraine develops and executes INNOVATE’s commercial strategy. Annette boasts unrivalled international experience in the IT industry. Annette's previous spells with INNOVATE partners Cisco and Microsoft influence her astute strategic implementation. With an adept ability to apply creative solutions to commercial challenges, Annette puts the customer at the heart of the organisation. This skill reaffirms INNOVATE’s stakeholder value alignment.

Enda Cahill

Chief Technology Officer


Since co-founding the organisation in 2005, INNOVATE CTO Enda Cahill balances short-term gain with long-term vision. This natural tension lies within INNOVATE’s core competencies - ICT. Enda’s international awards confirm his perseverance for technical problem-solving. He pinpoints cutting-edge technological trends to strengthen relations with clients and partners alike. Enda’s formulation of business solutions contributes to INNOVATE’s position as a national market leader.

Mia O'Loughlin

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer Mia O’Loughlin conducts INNOVATE's marketing and communications portfolio. With extensive blue-chip company experience, Mia brings market-leading knowledge to INNOVATE. Amid constant changes to consumer-centric marketing, Mia is well placed to promote the INNOVATE brand across a spectrum of technological platforms. Mia specialises in developing strong relations with INNOVATE partners.

Barry Murphy

Chief Operations Officer


Barry Murphy leads as INNOVATE’s Chief Operations Officer. Barry’s leadership skills bolster spirit among INNOVATE’s workforce. He has a natural understanding of INNOVATE's aspired organisational direction. Barry’s precise attention-to-detail assures INNOVATE’s strategic performance. For Barry, excellent customer service blossoms from a productive and open working space.

Gavin O'Donovan

Chief Financial Officer


Chief Financial Officer Gavin O'Donovan's tenacity drives INNOVATE’s strategic and financial objectives. With Chartered Accountancy experience, Gavin's influence poises INNOVATE as a market leader in Ireland. He uses the 'as-a-service' technological model to develop products that guarantee value for money. He is keen to explore potential opportunities for INNOVATE. Moreover, he is an authority on INNOVATE's compliance with strategic targets.