Meet the Team

Jim Hughes

Jim Hughes

Chief Executive Officer


Maximising potential and enabling the collective growth of his two most important stakeholders, INNOVATE clients and INNOVATE people, is Jim’s passion. By creating a culture that allows INNOVATE people to flourish, Jim ensures that they have the skills, expertise and passion to design and implement the best and most appropriate technology solutions for INNOVATE clients.

Even before co-founding INNOVATE in 2005, Jim was focused on growing an international business. A B.Comm. in Management Information Systems from UCD, and a career in IT provided Jim with a technical grounding, but his interest in people and belief in the power of a growth mind-set has enabled him to found and build a leading IT service provider based on the pillars of excellence, leadership and respect.


Enda Cahill

Chief Technology Officer


Enda is passionate about understanding how technology can be applied to improve organisations and enjoys the challenge of solving technical problems. His mantra of ‘Respond, don’t React’ guides how he leads INNOVATE’s technological vision. Enda is responsible for all technical aspects of the business, from identifying trends in technology and determining their impact on the market to fostering relationships with INNOVATE’s technology partners, which enables him to assist customers in building a technology strategy that will achieve their organisation's objectives.

Enda likes to quote Mary Kay Ash: “There are three types of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” Enda makes things happen, and his ability to distil complex issues and formulate business solutions in a pragmatic way is the reason he is a Cisco Brand Ambassador, and was recently awarded first place in the biggest blockchain hackathon in Europe.


Barry Murphy

Chief Operations Officer


By creating a productivity-centred business environment for his colleagues Barry ensures that clients always get the excellent service they have become accustomed to with INNOVATE.

Barry brings the INNOVATE values of respect, excellence and leadership to his role as COO, thus ensuring that his team work exceptionally well together and are always willing to go that extra mile for both the clients and each other. With a reputation for remaining calm under pressure and appreciating the viewpoints of both clients and colleagues, Barry has a unique ability to deal successfully with the daily challenges of his job.

Barry believes the most important element of any organisation’s IT infrastructure is ensuring that backup is always done, but you would expect that from someone who understands the importance of IT to every organisation.


Gavin O'Donovan

Chief Financial Officer


Gavin enables INNOVATE to achieve its growth agenda by leading the finance, legal, strategic, risk management and HR activities of the business. Initiating INNOVATE ‘as a service’ finance model has enabled clients to invest and grow their organisation with the security of transparent, predictable IT investments. Gavin’s management of the finance and administration teams and processes positions him to assist people across the business to create solutions.

His training as a Chartered Accountant in one of the ‘Big Four’, followed by senior finance roles in large Irish multinationals, equipped Gavin to lead the delivery of INNOVATE financial and strategic objectives as our CFO.


David Laird

Non-Executive Chairman


As Non-Executive Chairman of INNOVATE David supports our vision to become a market leader in this sector. He brings a wealth of experience across a wide range of businesses in the IT sector in Ireland, and enjoys working with the dynamic, talented team at INNOVATE. He shares the commitment to customer service that we have at INNOVATE, and the passion to unlock the power of cloud technologies for our clients.

Mia O'Loughlin

Chief Marketing Officer

Mia has responsibility for the marketing and communications strategy at INNOVATE. With extensive strategic management and blue-chip company experience, Mia brings a market-driven approach and a client focus to INNOVATE strategy, all underpinned by INNOVATE’s values of excellence, leadership and respect, in addition to its growth ambitions.
Mia ensures that the marketing team is focused on helping INNOVATE clients realise the value of IT, and that they have an opportunity to stay current, given the speed of change in technology.

Annette Soraine

Chief Commercial Officer

Annette is responsible for the development and execution of INNOVATE’s commercial strategy.  She has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry in Ireland, Netherlands and the UK with global brands such as Oracle, Cisco, Vodafone and Microsoft.  She puts the customer at the heart of everything the company does, and ensures the entire organisation has an unrelenting focus on successful outcomes for our clients.