Graduate Program

Are you a recent graduate, passionate about innovation and interested in technology?   


At INNOVATE, we seek graduates driven to find the best solutions, who are independent,collaborative, communicative and, most of all, obsessed with the transformative powers of IT.  

Our two-year Graduate Training Program, offers an opportunity for graduates to learn and flourish in a fast-paced environment. Our graduates work in all areas of the business during the program to learn and understand what we do and to develop relationships across all functions. Graduates are offered real roles with real responsibility which provides them with unrivalled hands-on experience in a dynamic environment with unlimited career potential.

Our Graduate Training Program follows the 70:20:10 learning and development model. This means 70% on-the-job-training, 20% mentoring and coaching and networking opportunities and 10% formal training. This model assists our graduates to reach the top of their chosen field.

To register your interest in our Graduate Training Program, please forward your CV to