WorkSmart 365

11196-INN-worksmart-365-Power-press.jpgComplete Desktop Solution

WorkSmart 365 provides your employees with the equipment and applications they need to do their daily work from any location, at any time securely.

INNOVATE offer set up services to ensure a seamless user experience is possible. With dedicated training from our expert technical team, device imaging with mobile device security set up, remote migration assistance and onboarding, creating a secure remote working environment has never been easier.

Users will have access to their apps and data whether stored in the cloud or on site from a digital remote workspace.  

WorkSmart 365 offers Users

  • Access your information from anywhere
  • Provision new users in a fraction of the time
  • Ensure predictable costs for onboarding new users
  • Keep your hardware current and avoid capital outlay
  • Built in Security to proctect your company from all remote threats
  • Wrapped in a full managed service for peace of mind

WorkSmart 365 uses some of the best in class technologies to create a secure digital workspace. These technologies include:

  • End User Device
  • M365 Business Licencing
  • Additional Security Software
  • Windows Virtual Desktop Services or Windows 365 Services


We then layer these services, with our INNOVATE life services:

  • 24/7 Support with the INNOVATE Network Operations Centre
  • Patching and feature updates on a continuous basis
  • Proactive monitoring by the INNOVATE Network Operations Centre
  • Rework by lifecycle stage

When combined you can be sure that you not only have a secure working environment, but you will also have the support to back it up when you need it.