Webex Calling by Cisco

Step into the future with a market leader as your cloud partner

Webex empowers a more integrated, collaborative work style that provides the agility you need to be competitive in a hyperfast digital economy

Webex Calling is your regular phone system, but in the cloud. Keeping all the benefits of a traditional office phone system, without the complexity of managing and securing it. IP phones for your office are included, allowing you to make and receive calls from a range of Cisco IP phones that meet every user's needs. Webex Calling is the ideal communications solution for every location in the office or at home.

Webex calling bridges cloud calling with on premise systems

  • Connects to your on-premises PBXs
  • Delivers a common global dial plan
  • Enables a phased transition to the cloud

Webex-calling-2.JPGEverything you expect in a traditional PBX and more

Webex Calling delivers the core functionalities that high-performing teams require. Phone calls, DID, call routing and forwarding, call recording, receptionist support, extension numbers, and more are all included.

Companies that use Webex Calling also save money when they make the switch. That's because you get all of the features of a PBX system with none of the in-person maintenance expense.

Cloud-based Communication

Webex Calling is also packed with plenty of exciting features that aren't possible with a traditional PBX. By working through the cloud, your team will be able to make and receive calls at the office, from home, and on the move once they have a secure internet connection. You can also hand-off between different devices and gain access to advanced analytics and reporting.

In a world that is rapidly moving to more flexible remote working scenario’s, cloud-based communication is a priority for business to communicate with their customers. It makes out-of-office communication simple, professional, and secure and all for an affordable price.

Next-generation end-to-end Cisco security

Securing your services in a work-from-home environment is extremely difficult which is something many companies have had to learn the hard way. Everyone is working in different regions, from different devices, and on different internet access points. Not to mention that when employees are using their personal hardware for work, your data is at risk of being stolen with their device.

That is why Cisco has incorporated its next-generation security into Webex Calling. This security is end-to-end, so every component of your PBX network is protected every step of the way. You can mitigate and deter security threats without needing to upgrade the hardware your employees have at home.

A unified application

When you get Webex Calling, you get:

  •  A fully functional PBX system
  •  Video and phone conferencing tools
  •  Support for a virtual receptionist
  •  And solutions for team collaboration

What you don't get is several disjointed, single-feature apps that clutter your employees' devices and overcomplicate your workflow.

Everything Webex Calling has to offer is available through a single app. This unification saves you (and your colleagues) from learning a different interface for each different task. You won't be switching between apps on your devices as often, and it'll be easier to track the time your employees spend in Webex.


Exceptional control over your telecommunications

Management is a major challenge for companies switching to a remote work structure (even part-time or for part of the team). Keeping up with schedules, your employees' tasks and progress, and addressing issues promptly are all made more difficult when your team is no longer in a centralised location.

To help with this, Webex Calling offers a high level of control over your telecommunications through the Webex app. Administrators have a unique portal where they can quickly access an overview of your teams, analyse performances, and help team members when they run into problems.

Additionally, Webex Calling has procedures in place that make your switch to Webex Calling seamless. Its commercial license offers UCM and hybrid deployment options for whatever environment you happen to be shifting from and to.

Built for exceptional performance

Webex Calling is globally available, it allows your team to travel and still be able to work anywhere in the world!

Webex Calling is very reliable, too. Data is stored and backed up to separate physical locations. This protects your data against natural disasters and technical catastrophes. Webex Calling can play a vital role in your business continuity strategy moving forward.