Webex Suite by Cisco

Seamless Collaboration with Webex Suite by Cisco

The Webex Suite offers multiple collaboration modes in one subscription, all delivered through the Webex App and managed through Control Hub 

Webex Calling is your regular phone system, but in the cloud. Keeping all the benefits of a traditional office phone system, without the complexity of managing and securing it. IP phones for your office are included, allowing you to make and receive calls from a range of Cisco IP phones that meet every user's needs. Webex Calling is the ideal communications solution for every location in the office or at home.

The Webex Suite includes: 

  • Calling 
  • Meetings 
  • Messaging 
  • Events 
  • Polling / Q&A 

Essential components for Hybrid work success 

Flexible - Adaptable for any work style, role, or device. You should ensure that people inside and outside your company can communicate seamlessly. The tools should work around your requirements.  

Inclusive - Equal experience for everyone. Inclusivity is a challenge when almost all your team are either virtual or based on the office. Your unified communications solution should work for all wherever they are.  

Supportive – If we learned one thing over this last year, it’s that employees need empathy for their health and well-being. We know that many people are feeling burned out from virtual work, and we also know they may be anxious about returning to the office. That means your solution should provide capabilities to help reduce employees’ fatigue and keep them focused, and it should provide capabilities to ensure a healthy workplace for a safe return to the office. 

Secure – Becoming increasingly important, security is more difficult to monitor as your teams work from many locations. Webex Suite has security built in, not bolted on, and it should also honour an individual’s privacy by default. 

Managed - Hybrid work makes life more complicated for IT. It’s not just about providing performance and quality for the main office or campus anymore, but for all the home offices and remote work locations. That means solutions should enable frictionless administration of the entire environment – software, hardware, and facilities – with real-time insights to help you ensure the best experience for users, wherever they are. And your solution should be built on a modern cloud infrastructure that’s optimised for the media and bandwidth demands of hybrid work, since every meeting now requires video.