Educate to INNOVATE

Respect | Excellence | Leadership

At INNOVATE, our ethos revolves around excellence and leadership, not just in respect of our clients, but also in respect of our people, our community and our industry.

We believe that education is the foundation from which people, enterprises and communities grow and reach their potential. We believe in the power of knowledge and the importance of creating a learning environment that doesn’t just broadcast wisdom but reflects the true meaning of education: "to draw out".

Educate to INNOVATE is a philanthropic initiative focused on the growth and education of young people. Through Educate to INNOVATE, we invest in young people who need financial support and have demonstrated leadership qualities in their community. We believe this empowerment model will make a significant difference to our people, our community and our industry.

Educate to INNOVATE started as a school business award. It is a program to stimulate enterprise and encourage entrepreneurial activity among the secondary school students of our community. This initiative fosters relationships between industry and the community and encourages young people to think in a way that benefits the economy.

Read about the Educate to INNOVATE 2017 final which was held on May 11th in Gorey Town Library.


Mmmm - Magic Microwave Mug Muffins - Educate to INNOVATE Winner 2017.


Digital marketing project with INNOVATE as part of UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School - MSc in Digital Marketing.