Educate to INNOVATE

Empowering Future IT Talent

In today’s digital world, the IT sector presents a multitude of opportunities, but forging a successful career path can be a challenge. The ‘Educate to INNOVATE’ program aims to foster connections with schools and employability organisations, in the Gorey community, providing vital support and resources, enabling individuals to build rewarding careers in IT.

Restarting careers in IT

One crucial component of the ‘Educate to INNOVATE’ is the ‘Back to Work’ scheme. This initiative is designed specifically for people who have taken a break from their careers and wish to re-enter the workforce. Recognising the value of continuous learning and upskilling, this scheme offers IT training to participants, equipping them with the essential skills required in the modern IT environment.

A path to hands-on experience and learning

INNOVATE offer apprenticeships in various IT disciplines, providing participants with a unique blend of hands-on experience and structured learning. During their apprenticeships, participants can work on actual IT projects under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Staying ahead in a rapidly evolving IT landscape

As part of the ‘Educate to INNOVATE,’ upskilling programs are offered to everyone interested in deepening their knowledge and expanding their skill set in specific IT areas. By obtaining industry-recognised certifications, participants not only enhance their employability but also gain recognition within the IT community.

Applying skills in a real-world setting

The Work Placement Experience Programme (WPEP) scheme provides the opportunity to work on IT projects, further developing problem-solving abilities, critical thinking and transferable skills. This is a golden opportunity for everyone seeking to make a career transition into IT or those aiming to re-enter the job market with an attractive skill set.

Transforming the Gorey community

The ‘Educate to INNOVATE’ is much more than a series of programs; it is a catalyst for change within the Gorey community. By providing access to quality education, hands-on experience, and industry-recognised trainings, this initiative opens up the world of IT to individuals who may not have considered it as a viable career path.

Grow your career in IT