Cloud Solutions

Embracing Cloud-based IT Asset Management to Boost Business Efficiency

Cloud Solutions

Provisioning, Automation & Orchestration

Boost efficiency with simplified processes, automated tasks and streamlined operations. Optimise your operations, easily provide resources to users, and effectively coordinate your systems with our managed IT cloud solutions.


Service Request Management

Maximise performance with INNOVATE’s top tier service request management. This cloud-based IT solution alleviates some of your IT team’s workload. Simply submit a ticket with your request and track the progress as our top-class team address your ticket in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Governance, Compliance & Policy

Experience smooth operations and enhanced security between systems, all in-line with cloud governance, compliance, and policy. Navigate your managed IT cloud solutions with a tailored policy framework that will guide your organisation’s activities.

Performance Monitoring & Management

Streamline operational workflow in your IT infrastructure with cloud-based IT asset management. With a real-time and transparent management strategy, supported by proactive monitoring, eliminate any potential risks that could disrupt your business.

Multi-Cloud Brokering

Achieve a seamless working experience with multi-cloud brokering offering a unified and centralised managed-IT cloud solution, for example, using solutions from multiple providers. Bring together different cloud computing platforms to maximise their benefits, improving security, disaster recovery and ROI.


Cost Transparency & Scalability

Make the most out of your investments with our scalable and transparent pricing models for managed IT cloud solutions. Experience greater visibility for budgeting with scheduled cost reports.


Cloud Migration

Empower remote and hybrid working in your organisation by moving your digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications into the cloud. This cloud-based IT solution optimises efficiency, security, and business operations.


Security & Identity

Protect your cloud-based IT asset management with security and identity measures to match your cloud IT solution needs. Receive alerts for any unusual activity and business IT support to eliminate any potential risks, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is kept safe.

Cloud-based IT Service Key Solutions

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based unique storage system that enhances business IT support, scalability, and flexibility. Benefit from improved data recovery, analytics, and more with this cost-effective managed IT cloud solution.

  • Microsoft Intune

    Improve business efforts with Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based IT solution. Secure your business with automated policy deployment, and simplified app and device management. Intune provides centralised control over your cloud environment, reducing overall business IT support issues.

  • OneDrive for Business (ODFB)

    OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage space enabling seamless interactions with Microsoft Office files, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Utilise this managed IT cloud solution for streamlined collaboration, data protection and remote access to your work.

  • VMware Production Support Cloud

    Enhance your production environment’s performance with VMware’s 24-hour support, with cloud and SaaS products in mind. Guarantee access to the cloud-based IT solution from your web browser, while VMware executes software deployment and maintenance.

  • VMware Cloud Services

    Integrate, manage, and secure cloud applications with VMware Cloud Services, a cloud  based IT asset management tool. Centralise the maintenance and management of your cloud infrastructure on a unified platform, with VMware reducing complexities and standardising security.

  • Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

    Scale your organisation with Cisco’s centralised, cloud-based tools for endpoint management. Automate decisions with the user-friendly dashboard, increase visibility and control, and boost functionality within your managed IT cloud solutions.

  • Cisco Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller

    Build secure and scalable networks quickly with the Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller. This cloud-based IT solution comes at an affordable cost, and allows you to centralise your cloud management, with network-wide visibility and control across all your Meraki hardware.


  • Skykick

    Eliminate the loss of significant data with SkyKick backup protecting your Office 365 files. This managed IT cloud solution automatically takes a snapshot six times a day, with unlimited backup and retention. Never worry about losing important files again.

  • Veeam Backup & Replication

    Safeguard your organisation with Veaam allowing you to own, control, backup, and recover all of your data, anywhere in the cloud. Reduce security risks as a part of your cloud-based IT asset management and confidently meet your data recovery objectives.

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