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Enterprise IT Managed Services

The INNOVATE team works with enterprise customers to deploy the transformative power of IT to solve their business problems, offering the full spectrum of IT solutions from secure and resilient IT infrastructure and telecommunications to networking, security, cloud, and support through to our industry leading managed services.

We understand the pressures CIOs and their teams are under in a fast-moving business and technology environment. Not only must they meet the needs of the business, they must also keep up to date with rapid advances in technology along with an ever shifting regulatory and cybersecurity landscape. We work with clients to identify the areas where INNOVATE can add most value and free up the internal team to fulfil its strategic mission within the organisation.

We operate as an external resource that adds to the capability and effectiveness of the internal team both by providing key services on an ongoing basis and by being available to work on specific projects thereby delivering valuable agility and flexibility within a predictable cost environment.


A Trusted Partner

Our enterprise clients trust us to provide the right solutions and unrivalled technical expertise to support their organisation’s business objectives. Our ethos is firmly grounded in excellence and leadership and that informs every strategic decision we take right from the solutions we recommend to clients to the technology partnerships we develop.

A Compelling Service Proposition

Managed Service

Our managed service offering is delivered using Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, concepts and techniques. We minimise downtime by monitoring, supporting and reporting on the critical elements of the IT environment on a 24-7 basis while carrying out preventative maintenance to further reduce the risk of outage. We provide monthly monitoring reports to you to allow customers to anticipate issues before they arise and put in place plans to resolve them.


As a Cisco Premier Partner with fully accredited Cisco engineers, INNOVATE network experts can manage the complexity of designing, installing, implementing, and managing your network from LAN to WAN and wireless solutions that scale with your organisation.


INNOVATE is a highly experienced Cloud Service Provider. Wherever your enterprise is on the cloud journey we can support you in developing and implementing a strategy to maximise its value to the business. As a leading expert on Microsoft Azure, INNOVATE helps customers to choose exactly what their business needs from its suite of cloud-based tools and services.


In addition, with the support of HPE HCI 2.0, we offer a range of virtualisation services that can significantly reduce overall IT costs as well as improve operational flexibility, agility, efficiency, and disaster recovery.


Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering allows our customers to avail of all of these tailored solutions including on site infrastructure, cloud-based infrastructure, or a hybrid of both, priced as a monthly operational rather than a capital investment.

We solve our enterprise customers' IT challenges by designing and implementing first class secure and resilient infrastructure solutions to address current issues, support business strategy, and leverage the full power of IT for the organisation. These solutions are supported by our Managed IT Service and state of the art Network Operations Centre.


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