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Skilled Professionals

Hire IT professionals who have honed their abilities through education, training, and practical experience. Focus on the right candidates and make a positive impact on your organisation.

RPO Services (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Streamline the hiring of IT professionals with Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Simplify the hiring process by paying a fixed monthly rate to INNOVATE Skillsource, improving your efficiency and reducing costs.

Full-Time Contractors

Add specialised skills to your team as you need them with IT contract recruitment. For medium to long-term projects, we source full-time contractors that can work exclusively for your company, while remaining under contractual employment.

Day Rate Contractors

Gain a competitive advantage by accessing a network of contractors globally, for short or long-term roles. Choose flexibility and expertise without the long-term commitment with support from your IT recruitment consultant.

Retained Search

In highly competitive industries, retained recruitment services are valuable models in hiring IT professionals. This approach involves hiring a dedicated agency, such as INNOVATE Skillsource, to search, vet, and secure top-level talent for your company.

Permanent Placements

Streamline the hiring process, reduce time-to-hire, and ensure that the right candidates are identified to make a lasting impact in your company. Utilise INNOVATE Skillsource as your IT recruitment consultant to meet your permanent placement needs.

HR Consultancy Services

INNOVATE Skillsource can provide HR consultancy services. Receive advice on HR matters including talent management, employee relations, performance management, and compliance requirements.

Technical Hiring Consultancy

If you are seeking technical experts, utilise an IT recruitment consultant to maximise your team’s potential. INNOVATE Skillsource will identify and outsource IT professionals with the specialised skills and experience to advance your success.

Software Developer/Engineers

Operational Technology

Systems Administrator

Network Engineer

Database Administrator (DBA)

24/ 7/ 365 IT Support / Helpdesk

Devops Engineer

Cybersecurity Specialist

Data Governance

Data Protection Officer

It Project Manager

Business Analyst

Mobile App Developer

Data Scientist/ Analyst

Cloud Solutions Architect

UI/UX Designer

IT Consultant

AI/ Machine Learning Engineer

Full-Stack Developer

Quality Assurance/ Testing Engineer

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