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Comreg Launches New Phone Number Transferring System For Businesses.

Today marks a significant transfer of power from telecoms companies to their clients. Specifically, this change relates to how companies move numbers between providers. Widely known in the industry as ‘porting’, the transfer of numbers is usually a cumbersome process, fraught with delays and unaccountability.

This new system streamlines the transfer of business phone numbers from one provider to another. It will result in the empowerment of the business consumer. Businesses own their fixed-line telephone numbers and can transfer them when they move between telecommunication companies. However, until today this was a slow and cumbersome process. It frustrated business and phone system providers alike.

The Communications Regulator – Comreg – introduced this change to speed up and simplify the process. Operators must now respond to porting requests within four hours, and the numbers will need to transfer from one telecommunications provider to the other within seven hours, or one working day.

For the past six months, Comreg worked with national telecoms companies to develop the necessary processes. With two separate databases, residing with Comreg and Ireland’s largest incumbent telco respectively, this legacy issue needed an overhaul.

Today heralds good news for INNOVATE. It makes it smoother for our national service of telephone systems and unified communications solutions. It streamlines the process, thus lessening the burden on our clients – it reduces management overheads on projects.

Comreg’s latest change reflects market demand. Voice over IP and cloud communication technology now match the demand for traditional communications standards, such as ISDN and PSTN. Changes like these encourage business efficiency, giving our clients the ability to focus on their core objectives.

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