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INNOVATE’s Busking For Barnardos

INNOVATE’s Busking for Barnardos

Last Saturday, INNOVATE co-ordinated a remarkable success in Gorey, Co. Wexford, where one of our headquarters is based. Our inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative ‘Busking for Barnardos’ raised just under €3300 for two worthy causes.
It was a brilliant event. I got such a great buzz out of it. And it all came from such a simple idea. INNOVATE sourced musicians to busk outside shop fronts of Gorey Chamber of Commerce members. I was inspired by the musicians, our INNOVATE team and all those who donated. With ‘Busking for Barnardos’, it’s such a rewarding experience to see the behind-the-scenes work come to fruition. This is definitely something that I want to replicate, maybe near our other headquarters in Sandyford, Co. Dublin
Events like these get to the root of INNOVATE’s vision.
For INNOVATE, it’s an example of our brand financially assisting charities, stirring community spirit and spreading the word about a technological solutions company that has local, national and international interests at the forefront of its vision.
Community is at the forefront of these initiatives. Gorey Chamber of Commerce members hosted these talented musicians. Funds raised will benefit national children’s charity Barnardos and the earnest work of North Wexford Hospice Homecare.
I am constantly reminded that CSR replicates INNOVATE’s output. Our youthful workforce put so much time and energy to make last Saturday a success.
But that youthful workforce does not arise from thin air. It comes from a conviction that the person dictates an organisation and vice versa. INNOVATE hires based on character. With soaring rent prices and tempting purchases, the millennial generation struggles to anchor themselves within a workplace. Instead, there is a tendency to hop from one job to the next – it’s a bit of a rat race.
INNOVATE’s graduate programme gets the best out of people. We instil leadership in everyone in our organisation. Events like last Saturday do not come from a run-of-the-mill workplace. Instead, they come from organisations that champion the qualities of its employees. The INNOVATE team knew what they wanted to achieve from Saturday’s ‘Busking for Barnardos’. When everyone buys into a vision, an organisation enjoys success. If anything last Saturday proved that to me. There’s truth in that Irish seánfhocal – Ní neart go cur le chéile (there’s no strength without unity).


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