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Microsoft Inspire Event

America: INNOVATE and Synergy

Synergy became popular with companies seeking acquisitions to bolster their financial fortunes. With Microsoft, INNOVATE has found an alternative synergy, where shared alignment of value results in shared gains.
Some fellow INNOVATE leaders and I are in Washington at the moment for Microsoft Inspire 2017.

The US economy’s growth is striking. Akin to Dublin, cranes stand out on the skyline.
This is great news for Ireland. We’ve been able to successfully grow our way out of choppy economic waters. US growth opens up Ireland to great opportunity.

For INNOVATE, the prelude to Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella’s keynote speech excited me. Ron Huddleston, CVP of One Commercial Partner opened with news of Microsoft’s latest strategic approach to the partner channel.

It’s called One Commercial Partner: Putting Partners First. The benefits of this initiative are endless. If anything, it’s confirmation that INNOVATE’s close alignment with Microsoft’s cloud strategy was a smart decision.
One Commercial Partner has a dual effect. It seeks to anchor cloud strategy to benefit Microsoft and INNOVATE respectively. This is proof that a customer-centric focus is vital for organisational strategy.
Microsoft and INNOVATE will now be able to tweak go-to-market strategies together. Ultimately, Microsoft is working with partners, like INNOVATE to benefit the customer.

Customer-centrism decides the fortunes of growth. This latest synergy is an example of how INNOVATE is at the coalface of technological advancements. It’s this spirit of adjusting to the winds of change that reveals the true depth of INNOVATE’s capacity to deliver business focused outcomes for our clients. We do so by focusing on three key technological thrusts, cloud, communications and security.