Microsoft Teams for Business

Microsoft Teams for Business

Microsoft Teams is a communications service that connects people anytime and from virtually anywhere by delivering its collaboration capabilities using Microsoft’s cloud-based services. It gives users access to presence, instant messaging, audio and video calling, rich online meetings, and extensive web conferencing capabilities.

Organisations that use Teams retain control over the collaboration services they offer to users, but they do not have the operational burden of on-premises server software.

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Cloud Calling

Microsoft Teams Cloud Calling is an entirely cloud-based telephony system where the Microsoft 365 Cloud acts as the intermediary between Teams users and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in Microsoft Teams, with Microsoft effectively becoming your PSTN carrier. With Microsoft Teams you can give your employees the virtual calling features they need, backed by the security and reliability of Microsoft.

Online Meetings

Host audio and video conference calls from any device with online meetings in Teams. You can meet face-to-face, call one-to-one or host a team event or webinar using online meetings. People can join meetings on the go with a global dial-in number or contact each other directly. All they need is a mobile device and Teams.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing allows your employees to work together collaboratively, by sharing their screen while participating in a Teams call or meeting. It allows a group to review content together. You choose what others see – your entire desktop, a browser window, a specific app, or file. Screen sharing in Teams has many uses - train a new employee, use the digital whiteboard to plan ideas, or present to colleagues. Screen sharing improves communication and increases focus in meetings. When someone is finished presenting and stops sharing their screen, other participants can begin.

File sharing

With secure cloud file sharing you can store, share, and edit files within Teams in a familiar experience with built-in access to SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, and productivity apps. Avoid any confusion of multiple versions of files with instant, automatic sync and version history tracking encouraging collaborative work in real time. You can easily work on all your documents and share files without ever having to leave Teams. Share files within channels, meetings, and chats with a link or upload directly to Teams.

Custom backgrounds

You can choose how your background appears in Teams meetings using the many options available. Blur your background to avoid distractions and unexpected disruptions. Use virtual backgrounds to present a more professional setting, with a variety of predesigned images available in Teams you will have lots of choice. You can also personalise your background using your own images like a company logo.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging has many options and advantages - one-to-one or with a group, hop on a video call or share a screen. Work together as a team from anywhere and with the personalised GIFs, stickers, and likes you can encourage team culture and communication.


Microsoft Teams and VoiceGrid integration

We use best in class voice technology to bring the collaboration of Microsoft Teams and INNOVATE’s VoiceGrid to allow you to call, chat, meet and collaborate in a single app with Microsoft Teams. We offer your business a communications platform where Microsoft Teams and VoiceGrid work seamlessly together to ensure you get rich audio and video collaboration everywhere you make calls with phones and personal devices certified for Microsoft Teams. Our team of experts work with your business to give your employees the virtual calling features they need, backed by the security and reliability of Microsoft Teams.


We collaborate the security tools of Microsoft and Cisco Webex to give a robust platform offering a scalable architecture, consistent availability, and multilayer security approach that is validated and continuously monitored to comply with industry standards. Furthermore, a secure firewall separates corporate and personal traffic.

Running the core communications needs of your business through MS Teams with VoiceGrid brings the benefits of having all your communication intelligence and control in one place. Users can access MS Teams, a familiar platform, as their preferred device. As a licence holder of Office 365, you will not have any new software complexities and additional costs to incur.

Microsoft can provide a facility to allow users to make and receive calls from Microsoft Teams and you can choose to have your entire phone system move to Microsoft and bill directly to them. However, VoiceGrid customers are using many features, devices and add on applications that Microsoft cannot provide. Therefore, it is more cost effective for companies to integrate Teams with our expert unified communications platform VoiceGrid. Click here to learn more about VoiceGrid.