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The 6 Most Powerful Benefits Of HPE HCI 2.0

Today, teams are more dispersed than ever before, and this means rising complexity at a time when you need to move faster. 

Your business must get to market more quickly, with customer experiences that are better than before. You need resilience and scale, but you also need simplicity. The answer is HPE HCI 2.0—the new generation of hyperconverged infrastructure that delivers all you need, at a reasonable cost.

With HPE HCI 2.0, storage and compute are disaggregated. This means you can add as much—or as little—storage or compute as you want & when you need it. HCI 2.0 is a new intelligent architecture with enterprise-level speed, absolute resilience, and flexible scale. It’s everything you need to power all your apps — at scale, without worry and without the price tag.

The advantage of HPE HCI 2.0 is a new kind of simple that ^powers:
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Time savings
  • Better user experiences
  • Faster time to market
How does HPE HCI 2.0 solves business challenges?

At INNOVATE, we listen to our customers about their problem areas, and develop a personalised solution to solve these. We believe HPE HCI 2.0 can solve challenges businesses face in the current and future climate by removing the complexity associated with IT operations to create a more stable environment. The ability to respond to changing conditions quickly with rapid resource delivery, combined with using time and skills efficiently has resulted in reduced costs and no overprovisioning of services  – you use what you need, when you need it. 

HCI 2.0 will also create opportunities to develop new products and services, as well as streamlining IT operations with predictive analytics.

Power innovation with HCI 2.0

As data becomes even more critical, IDC analysts say disaggregated HCI platforms are “very attractive to a large portion of the enterprise storage market”. Why? Because this second generation of HCI brings together the best of HCI and converged architectures on a flexible platform—with truly independent scaling of compute and storage.

The bottom line: less downtime because there are no bottlenecks in network traffic, and no lags in performance.

Powering business through crisis with innovation

The new normal is a rapidly changing world. We all know that the business of preparing for the future has become harder than ever, but what remains is the practical necessity for organizations to stay focused on evolving and innovating.

That makes digital transformation and technology investments more urgent than ever.

Agile IT helps

IDC research Vice President, Eric Burgener, points out that business in the digital ecosphere is dynamic and fast. Leveraging new methods such as artificial intelligence and machine learning allows business to respond rapidly to changes in demand and newly identified market opportunities. IT has become more important than ever in providing the enabling infrastructure to support business innovation.

The benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) are by now well-known. HCI makes it simpler and easier to manage virtual desktops, apps and data remotely. It’s flexible and efficient—more compute power and storage can be added as needed. Organizations are saving on power, space and cooling costs by moving to HCI platforms. However, compute and storage come together with traditional HCI, so there is a downside—if you want more of one, you have to buy both. The only other alternative is to choose between competing needs, resulting in bottlenecks and system failures.

HCI 2.0 answers this problem so that you can scale according to your business’ real needs. You don’t have to choose between performance and storage—you can optimize both. First, storage and compute can be bought and scaled separately. Neither is overloaded and downtime disappears to 00.0001%. Second, it includes HPE InfoSight’s AI management and predictive capabilities, which move beyond the automation usually offered by HCI.

HPE InfoSight collects global information and continuously analyses it to address potential infrastructure needs and grow new insights that are stored in the platform’s machine-learning knowledge base. Along with automating daily functions, HPE InfoSight gathers data from around the world to prevent data center problems. Read more here.

Key Takeaways
  • Benefit from INNOVATE’s experience to ensure a smooth deployment.
  • Ability to run the solution as a monthly operational expense. 
  • Space to add more capacity without any downtime for business.  
  • Ability to integrate information from varied sources across multiple applications and environments into a single  unified display which is easy to view by management.   
  • Excellent solution for data storage space without cloud. 
  • Removes complexity in IT operations and provides greater stability.
  • Providing cloud like flexibility while keeping your data on site.
  • Solves problems before you even know they’re there, with AI-driven predictive analytics.

Read about how INNOVATE provided the first Hyper Converged Infrastructure solution in Ireland to Wexford County Council HERE.

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