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Why CSR Is Key To INNOVATE’s Growth

Why CSR is key to INNOVATE’s growth

As CEO and founder of INNOVATE, I’ve witnessed some dramatic changes to the Irish business climate. In our 11-year history, INNOVATE has survived recession, achieved rapid success and mapped out a pathway to growth.

However, at the root of INNOVATE is something quite simple but powerful. We treat Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the same level of scrutiny as any other business strategy. CSR is not about economic return. Culture takes precedence. I believe that positive culture should lie at the heart of any good organisation.
Take Wexford GAA, for example. In 2015, INNOVATE opted to invest in a major CSR initiative: Wexford Park became INNOVATE Wexford Park, supporting the county’s hurling and football teams.
To me, culture is the essence of all team success. Business or sport, culture reveals a consistency like any other successful venture. This year, well-known GAA figure Davy Fitzgerald was installed as the manager of Wexford hurling team. Davy’s passion for the game has had a huge impact on the culture of the team.
Trust is at the root of team success in sport. Players and selectors alike must hold a degree of trust that they share a common pursuit for the overall betterment of the team.
Likewise, trust is at the root of INNOVATE. Our clients value our resilient IT infrastructure, which facilitates and integrates IT and communication platforms. With a wealth of trust among our clientele, our product holds an enduring value.
Naturally, there are also other elements at play. Game strategy, tactical execution and proper devolution of responsibility are all strengths of any comprehensive back-room team.
Value alignment is a crucial element that decides where INNOVATE invests in any CSR or brand initiative. If our values don’t align, we simply don’t invest.
Moreover, the players themselves are a deciding force. Without a culture that is built on openness and respect, there is no room for team success.
Technology alone will not change our clients. With a user-friendly positive culture, the potential for success is unlimited. If Davy Fitzgerald and his backroom team, and of course the players, did not enjoy a relationship built on trust, Wexford’s potential for success would be hindered.
For the first time since 1944, Wexford’s hurling team defeated king-pins Kilkenny on home-soil – at INNOVATE Wexford Park. Well, what’s in a name? Quite a lot considering what popped up on my Twitter feed last weekend! @INNOVATECloud was trending nationally on Twitter. 
Good CSR links people, place and product. The right people (Davy Fitzgerald and company), place (INNOVATE Wexford Park) and product (playing success) provide the perfect blend for goal achievement. I am convinced that INNOVATE’s CSR will result in further success, both on and off the playing field.