Cully Automation

INNOVATE’s managed IT services allows Cully Automation to focus on their core activities and move to the cloud enables business growth

“I'd highly recommend Innovate to anyone, except my competitors,” laughed David Cully whose company's expansion was supported by their IT partners.
The Innovate team even stayed on site during Storm Ophelia after company staff had gone home, to ensure a ransomware virus had been obliterated.
Cully Automation Ltd are an Irish Process Control, Automation and Instrumentation Company with headquarters in Leixlip, Co. Kildare, who offer a full spectrum of services from the design and install of primary measurement equipment to large-scale process automation.
They offer services into various vertical markets with a current primary focus on water and power industries with a plan to expand into further markets.
Operations Director David Cully admits that he was impressed with Innovate from day one, when they first engaged their services four years ago.
"I got a good feeling about them.  They were a young company and went the extra mile to provide all that we needed,” he said.
"At the time our software was all in-house and Innovate offered to take care of it all and let us concentrate on doing our jobs.
"We couldn't expand our systems on our existing sites and needed a cloud solution, which is what Innovate gave us in abundance.
"Now we have moved all but two of our 45 systems into the cloud."

David says Cully Automation Ltd has grown hugely, especially over the last four years, with a second office in Cork and a total staff of 70 people.
"We do a lot of work with water treatment plants and monitoring of water quality. The system allows our customers to view live asset data at any time to see how a plant is performing.”
"If a pump trips or something happens which affects the water quality parameters, the system now sends out immediate alarms to alert the Asset caretaker."
The Innovate team also impressed David by insisting on rendering a virus harmless before going home during Storm Ophelia.
"When Storm Ophelia hit, we discovered a ransomware virus had hit one of our systems at 10am that morning. By midday, we had sent all our staff home for safety reasons but Innovate insisted on working until they rectified the problem at 2pm.
"The virtual infrastructure they installed allowed them to revert back to a point where there was no virus and so they worked on the server from there.
"Innovate are a young and dynamic company who believe in their clients and support them in their growth."

Since its foundation in 2005, Innovate has grown to become the leading cloud service provider in Ireland. 
They design, deliver and manage secure cloud-based IT and communications environments which enable their clients to manage their organisation regardless of size, from the desk to the data centre and everything in between.


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