Whitfield Clinic

Disaster Recovery, Connectivity & Wireless for Whitfield Clinic


I was delighted with the choice of INNOVATE. They were the best company for such a substantial investment. We pride ourselves with staying ahead of the curve regarding patient care. INNOVATE provided a solution which delivered improved IT business continuity and security for our organisation.

Brian Carberry
ICT Manager, Whitfield Clinic

The aim of the project was to provide a scalable, high performance solution on one single domain that was economically viable to implement, but at the same time provided the organisation with a prompt return to operation if any given application server, host or site might fail.

Given the critical nature of system availability within the healthcare sector, business continuity was a key focus of the assessment stage of this project. Concerned that a pure cloud model would leave the client vulnerable to issues with connectivity (already limited due to their location), we recommended that the primary infrastructure remain on-site with replication to a separate, off-site location and to the cloud.

Some on-site servers were migrated to the Microsoft Server 2012 Operating System while others could not be upgraded due to the presence of legacy systems. The network on site was also completely reconfigured to provide the optimal performance and redundancy using existing equipment. This allowed the client to maximise their return on their previous hardware investments.

We also installed an enterprise class Wi-Fi solution with separate SSID’s for the staff, consultants, patients and the public. This ensured that all parties had access to the internet and, in the case of the staff and consultants, access to applications while securing the network and data from unauthorised access.

The project was successfully implemented and has proved to be reliable and resilient over the past 12 months ensuring that the client has an enterprise-class infrastructure to deliver their applications to all users.

Services provided:

  • Technology & Infrastructure Audits  
  • Solution Design & Implementation 
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Network
  • Virtualisation
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Project Management


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