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Importance Of A Good Business Communications System

An efficient communications platform is now more important than ever before for businesses. 

The importance of keeping teams connected is paramount and your phone system is an integral part of this. The fundamentals need to be in place to allow your system to be agile, and access to be efficient. At INNOVATE, our Sales Team and NOC have operated effectively from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, using softphones for our unified communications. That continuity has allowed us to continue to deliver for our customers without any delays or disruption. 

INNOVATE’s Business Communications System, VoiceGrid is a solution that works with customer’s expectations to achieve the best fit for their requirements. Our solutions are packaged as a monthly operating expense, which helps with no capital expenditure up front. We get to know your business, and then design the most cost effective and efficient means for you to operate. 

What is VoiceGrid?

VoiceGrid was designed in response to customer calls for a more smart and scalable solution. INNOVATE have been installing and supporting VoiceGrid customers for over 12 years using the Asterix platform and supported by the strength of Cisco networking and handsets. INNOVATE are a strategic Cisco partner so our knowledge and expertise add a lot of value for many of our customers.

How does VoiceGrid stand out from the crowd?

At INNOVATE, we listen to our customers about their problem areas, and develop a personalised solution to solve these. VoiceGrid provides all of the core components, connectivity, call plans and dedicated phone systems hardware, wrapped in a full managed service, to customers with one unified voice solution bringing all services together. 

  • We understand and deliver managed connectivity 
  • Our core competency is networking 
  • We deliver an end to end solution 

 IT support

The day to day management of your phone system can be tedious, and at times difficult. We take the hassle out of this by providing a proactive managed service as part of your solution. What can seem to be simple requests like making changes to call queues and hunt groups or diverting a landline to a mobile can take a long time to resolve with line carriers. Many providers also charge for every change to a phone system – at INNOVATE our fully managed support service means you don’t have to worry about these charges. VoiceGrid removes one more barrier from allowing your workers to operate efficiently. 

Switching to VoiceGrid – is it easy?

The short answer – yes, absolutely! Our team manages this process from porting to on boarding -it is an end to end solution. INNOVATE’s project team works closely with customers to ensure a seamless transfer with minimal disruption.

VoiceGrid integration with other applications

The Asterix software integrates with CRM software applications, and we have worked with a number of clients to integrate VoiceGrid with their systems. Depending on the customer’s needs we can design many reporting solutions. 

We are currently trialling a VoiceGrid and Microsoft Teams integration for some of our customers, which just shows the agility of having a VoiceGrid solution. 

VoiceGrid and remote working

VoiceGrid enables your teams to work to the same efficiency in a remote capacity as they would in the office. We use Softphones, Teams integration and more to replicate the call flows, just like in the office. 

Our sales and technical teams have been working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic using VoiceGrid phones and softphones to interact with customers and each other. If you can provide your employees with cloud solutions and the right tools, your investment will be repaid with productivity. For many industries, these systems and ways of working will become a big part of their future. 

What do our customers say

“I was delighted with the choice of VoiceGrid, they were the best company for such a substantial investment. We pride ourselves with staying ahead of the curve regarding patient care. With VoiceGrid, we feel we can properly invest in the future of our healthcare Clinic.”

Brian Carberry, ICT Manager, Whitfield Clinic

“VoiceGrid has helped us increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and most importantly improve how we service our customers.”

Colm Valentine, Mallon Motors Renault

“VoiceGrid has helped us increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and most importantly how we service out customers.”

Michelle Hannon, Manager, Terenure Enterprise Centre

VoiceGrid reporting

One of the most valuable assets for any management team is VoiceGrid’s reporting features. VoiceGrid can provide reporting on several aspects of your communications system. These can include: 

  • Call history 
  • Call queues 
  • Per extension 
  • Per branch 
  • Power BI (visualises the information and numbers) 

VoiceGrid improves functionality and provides resilient, dedicated and managed connectivity for voice through a single supplier. The reporting provided can help your business make key decisions.  

Key Takeaways:

Improved for remote working 

  • Improved for remote working 
  • Fully managed infrastructure for Voice & Data giving you lower costs 
  • Disaster recovery / business continuity included 
  • Scalable platform that can grow with your business 

Download our Guide to Intelligent Business Communications HERE.

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